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Accept Payments Right Within The Player
You can upload and set pay-per-view on your own videos and embed them on your website or social media the same way as we are showcasing it here. It's very easy and anyone can do it!

Try to play the showcase video and go through the checkout process to understand it, since the same process will be for your potential buyers. We've set a small amount of 1 cent on purpose, but if you don't wish to pay it, use this access code to bypass the payment and unlock the video: 382J53BDH7

It’s easy
It’s immediate

Quantum Virtual Live Streaming is a simple yet flexible solution for how to stream live video on a website. The live stream hosting platform is designed with a streaming as a service approach. Quantum Virtual Live Streaming gives professional tools and utilities through cloud computing networks to reach a worldwide audiences.

Start Broadcasting Your Live Events Today

Start streaming your live events within minute. Quantum Virtual Live Streaming offers professional live video streaming services for everyone. Easy for beginners with our browser based webcam streaming with no need to install software to professional expert level multi camera streaming using visual mixers with encoders or software based solutions.


Pay Per View Video Hosting

Start Making Money From Your Videos & Live Broadcasts

Quantum Virtual Live Streaming offers fully built-in monetization features with Pay-Per-View streaming. Simply choose the pricing and terms for your viewers and you are ready to go.

How it works

Streaming live service

First, a source is needed, which can be either digital such as video cameras, webcams. If analog, this requires digitizing through a capture card before it can be streamed.

Second step is encoding through Quantum Virtual Live Streaming. The service supports all encoders that can output in RTMP live streaming (Flash). This includes broadcasting software encoders like Wirecast and the free Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder. Professional hardware encoders such as the TriCaster.

In the third step, the stream is sent through a secure internet transmission to our servers. Using leading content delivery networks (CDN), video is distributed worldwide to any viewer with an internet connected device.